Tips for Interviewing and Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

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The hardest thing for house owners when it comes to house renovation is not the project itself but finding a capable and reliable remodeling contractor for the job. The success of the project depends on the competency of the contractor. Before hiring a remodeling contractor, you need to know how reliable and competent he is. One of the best things to do is to make sure they are license by the Contractors State License Board.  This article highlights some of the questions House owners should ask before hiring a remodeling contractor.

� Ask for the contractor’s credentials

The first thing to do is ask for the contractor’s credentials to be sure of how reliable the contractor. And this is to know whether the contractor has the required license that makes him qualified for the job. This can be found either on the contractor’s website or by asking him to bring it in person. Be sure they carry an active contractors bond as well.

� Ask about the management of the project

This means asking about the way the project will be managed. Like who will be the project supervisor, who are the people working on the job, the head contractor or the project will be supervised from other location. Asking for how the project will be managed allows you to know more about the project and to know how experienced the supervisors are.

� Ask for the project delivery time

Another important thing to ask the contractor is the time of project completion. This will help you to know the time scheduled for the project by the contractor. It also helps you to inform the remodeling contractor about the time you want the project to be delivered.

� Ask for references and recommendations

This makes you sure about the contractor’s work. Asking for other jobs completed or those at hand will make the remodeling contractor reliable. Asking for recommendations by another client will tell you more about the contractor. It is advisable to investigate on what the contractor brings as proof, never trust pictures.

� Ask for the contractor’s contact information

Before signing a project ask and write down all information about the remodeling contractor like home address, email address, telephone number, business license address and so on. If anything goes wrong during the project, you will be able to contact him. It is advisable to check a reliable business bureau website for information.

� Ask for the contractors bidding process and payment

This is important information to know. Knowing the bidding and payment processes acceptable by the contractors allows you to know what you should budget for. This will also answer questions about the schedule payment processes, how much the contractor will collect upfront or if the client is getting a loan for the job, will the contractor agree with the terms and condition.

� Ask about the contractor’s business

Asking this information is important. Knowing the company’s location, employees, the project completed and much more. This helps the client to know how to establish the remodeling contractor’s company is. This also helps to guide against quack contractors and those that are dubious.

After reading this articles, there will be no difficulties in questions to ask a remodeling contractor again. Hiring a remodeling contractor may be difficult at some point but when you get a reliable one the project will be easy and stress-free to the house owner

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